In My Dream

So, the dream.

When I dream it is very rare that I don't realize I'm dreaming. I can often change the dream to suit myself, or defy the rules of the natural world, because I know I'm dreaming. This doesn't mean that dreams don't affect me, or frighten me sometimes, it just means that usually I can wake myself up, or fix things so that everything turns out all right in the end.

Some dreams don't need fixing though, and then all I need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

The other night I dreamed I was subbing. This is a pretty common dream of mine. I was subbing in a high school though, which is a little unusual. Also unusual was that the high school students went outside for recess to play on the playground. I was not expecting this so I hadn't brought winter boots, and since it was very snowy I was running around at recess time trying to find some boots to wear for outdoor supervision.

That's when the trouble started. The vice principal, a woman in a bright red pant suit, discovered me still inside looking for boots and was not happy with me. She ordered me to the office. Of course, if this had been in real life, my main concern would be the obvious "Oh no! I'm in trouble!" But since this was a dream, I was MUCH more concerned with finding my way TO the office since she ditched me to go outside to take over my supervision. The school was all maze-like the way most buildings are in dreams, with elevators, and many floors, and cat-walks, and secret passages. And as I tried to find my way to the main office I kept running into people who did not belong in the dream. I saw people from church, and people from camp, and people from band. I saw Jeff Shaw my old boyfriend pushing some kind of treat cart around selling chips and candy.

And then there he was.

I walked around a corner and there was my dad. In my dream. He was wearing his old black leather Agpro coat and a ball cap and he was just standing there waiting for me. At the bottom of a ramp. Just standing there for no reason other than he was there. And everything around us stopped. It just stopped existing at all. There was just him and me and the rest of the dream was over like a movie had just been put on pause. So I just hugged him. And smelled him. I hugged him and hugged him and hugged him all the time knowing I was dreaming and thankful for a chance to just touch him and see him. And hug him.

I'm not at all certain that that hug wasn't as real as anything else in this world. I'm not at all convinced that I didn't get the visit I'm always wishing for when I'm awake.


  1. What an awesome dream Becky. I had a dream about Grandpa something like that. The setting was like in Road to Avonlea and we were having a garage sale. And along this wooden side walk beside a white picket fence comes my Dad. Walking tall and straight and I went up to him and just hugged him for along time. Then he said Thank you for looking after Grandma for him and and that I was doing a good job and then he kissed me on my head and walked away. It was so wonderful.
    Hang on to those hugs. I know I do.

  2. I'm not sure, just like I'm not sure about a lot of things, but I think that dreams like those are a place where our two worlds (our temporary world and the eternal world of heaven) can meet. I think they are a place where God speaks to us, and maybe even lets us connect in a real way with people who are with Him. I think they are a place where our spiritual selves reach out and touch the spiritual world... Sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes... I think I think that.

  3. Both of your dreams gave me goose bumps! What an amazing blessing for both of you!

  4. I love that you have dreams with your dad - I wish I did have ones that didn't involve him being in the hospital....I want a hug one too! I'll just keep on hoping!

  5. It'll happen. And you'll never want to wake up. I think at the beginning all the hospital stuff is just too close. :(

  6. Aw man. I haven't had a dream about dad in a while. I wish.


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