Missing Camera

This summer we took the kids for a canoe ride on the most beautiful evening. The lake was so calm, the kids were adorable, the sun was setting... It was perfect. And I took some great pictures of all of us in the canoe together. I'd love to post one of those photos for you, but on our way back to the dock I dropped the camera in the lake.

Glen jumped in the water (it was at Good Spirit lake, which is basically waste deep no matter where you go) and tried to find it, but the water was murky and the sun had set... So we took note of some nearby reeds and resolved to go back the next morning to look. We did. We couldn't find it. And I said to Glen something like, "I wouldn't even care, but I want the pictures of our canoe ride off of the memory card." I had just backed everything up that day, so all I was missing was those pictures of that evening. "Maybe someone will find it someday, and look at the photos on the memory card, and we'll get it back like that guy I read about..."

That guy I was talking about was this guy. And Glen seemed to think that that was a pretty rare occurance. But today I read about it happening AGAIN! And this time the story of how the camera was found was even MORE ludicrous. I love it. And I feel pretty sure that maybe not this summer, maybe not even next summer, but some summer someone is going to fillet a fish and our camera is going to be inside it.

And then I can post a picture of our beautiful canoe ride.


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