Just got home. I swear I already posted today, haven't I? Sometimes I really question the point of this, but I can't stop. I've come too far to give up now...

Today I give you a list of things that are missing in our home right now that are making me crazy:
  • My keys. Including my house and van keys. This one is bothering me the most. For obvious reasons.
  • My glasses. In their case at least. If they're lost, it's nice to know they aren't getting all scratched up. Sigh.
  • Sam's red mitten. 
  • Hannah's Rapunzel Barbie doll. This one is somewhere at Jonathan and Melissa's. We looked everywhere with no luck. One day soon Melissa is going to find her where Hannah left her... In a jacket sleeve or cereal box or some other completely impossible to find location. It makes me CRAZY when Hannah put things in places only a lunatic or a three-year-old would think of.
  • My debit card. This one is actually bothering me the least. I lose my debit card once every couple of months. It bothers Glen. Probably because he's the one who ends up having to order me a new one everytime another one goes to wherever all my lost debit cards go to.
  • Hannah's winter fairie Spike... Or she WAS missing until about 30 seconds ago. I was just thinking to myself that there was something else missing that I was forgetting, but Hannah came running into my room very excited, "I FOUND MY WATER FAIRIE!!! SHE WASN'T HIDING!!!!" That's what I was forgetting. Seriously. I'm not making this up. I wonder where she found her... Maybe my keys where there too...


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