Snow Day

(Uhhhhh... I didn't remember that I used a picture as a post yesterday when I formulated today's post in my head. Maybe I'll add some words...)

Today we woke up to a winter wonderland. I snowed a lot and just kept on snowing. And snowing. And snowing. Hannah is VERY happy, because to her snow means Christmas, and all of the false starts and then thaws have been very hard on her.

We tried to shovel the driveway today. I sent the kids to the backyard after Sam thought it would be fun to throw himself in front of my shovel onto the pile of snow I was pushing. It only took me an hour to realise that I had no hope of being able to clear enough snow to get out of the driveway on my own.

So I gave up and went inside to make the kids a blanket fort... Which we had to take down a couple of hours later when Fritti went batshit crazy and attacked the fort and the children underneath it.

Sam taught Hannah to write H's. I have to brag a little here now. My children are wonderful. They played lego together for hours without fighting. They played nintendo. They played Barbies in Hannah's room, even though the boys would have rather played played just about anything else. They went out into the snow. They watched a movie in their fort. And now they're colouring and making little cut-out guys for a game they invented. And the whole day they were kind to eachother. Don't get me wrong. They fight. And they make me crazy. But more often than not, they get along and I may be biased, but they are a joy to be around.

So. Good day. Good, snowy, day.


  1. So is the red mark on Sam's head from him throwing himself in front of your shovel? LOL

  2. Actually, he turfed it going down the steps outside our house on Friday. Landed right on his face and gave himself a bloody nose. Poor guy. It looks worse in real life.


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