The Same, But Different

What to post... What to post... 

It's harder to think of something to write for NaBloPoMo with facebook around. I used up all my good ideas already today.

Like this one:

This is how my day started. I found this on the kitchen table this morning. Which wouldn't be that interesting, except that this is how my day started exactly a year ago:

This one was on the floor though, so that was different. 

Also different was that after I posted this picture of a chewed up and discarded (gross) candy on facebook I didn't walk downstairs right after and break the crap out of my ankle. (And my leg. Did I ever tell you guys that story? I don't think so. Excellent. Another post already firgured out.) So already this year's NaBloPoMo is looking pretty good to me. Plus I cleaned my room today. And I folded all the laundry and PUT IT AWAY. (That almost NEVER happens. I wash it. I dry it. That's as far as things usually get.) Why is it that I feel so much more relaxed when things around me are clean? I didn't used to be this way. 

Deep. I know. I am really good at this blogging thing.


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