The Stuff of Nightmares

I used to clean hotel rooms. At a pretty nice hotel. And, like at most hotels, we had to clean sixteen rooms a day. During our training they took us through a thirty minute cleaning routine. Half an hour a room, for sixteen rooms, works out to a regular eight hour shift. Makes sense right?

Totally. If you don't count the half hour lunch break and two fifteen minute coffee breaks. And if you don't count the half hour or so we spent stocking our carts and running around looking for enough towels to finish our rooms, and all kinds of little things that slowed us down.

So, what do you do if are still expected to clean sixteen rooms in eight hours? You cut corners. Gross. It's gross. And even if we didn't cut corners, did you know that hotels RARELY wash the blankets and comforters in the rooms? I did. At the hotel I worked for four months I only remember the comforters being washed... Wait for it... Once.

And have you ever thought about all the things that could (and DO) happen in hotel rooms on top of the comforters? I have. And I've been bringing my own bedding to hotels for years and years now so I don't have to do those things on top of the things that other people have left behind when they do those things. Glen always acts like I'm crazy, and so do most of our friends, and I often get weird looks in the lobby when I walk through with my pile of nice clean bedding, but I've always been convinced sleeping under or sitting on top of a hotel comforter would be worse than on the bathroom floor. And now I have the proof. Check out this article I read today.

Ick. Just icky. Look at that guy's face. I feel you guy.

The only thing that this article managed to change my mind about is the fact that I always removed the bedding with my bare hands. From now on I'll be bringing some latex gloves and possibly taking a shower immediately afterwards. Well not immediately. First I'll use some Lysol wipes to sanitize the phone, remote, and faucet. Then I'll continue with my usual habit of a quick wipe down of the shower and HOT a water rinse, just in case of any anonymous curlies left behind... And THEN I'll shower.


  1. Seriously. I think I may throw up. I have always been freakishly squirmish in hotels. Now you have thrown me over the edge. I may have to start sleeping in our car.


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