Who's ready for some information? 

I used to get migraines while I was pregnant. I swear I had a headache the whole last two months (or more) of my last pregnancy. I think it's the hormones. No, I know it's the hormones.

Because now, ever since being pregnant with Hannah, I always get a migraine on the first or second (or both every now and then) day of my period. It's brutal. As if the bloating, cramps, and moodiness wasn't enough, I now get to suffer through some additional nausea, light sensitivity, dizziness, and pounding pain. Fab.

And I'm not totally sure, but I think I've noticed a pattern... Near the end of my last few periods, ever since this summer, I've been getting bouts of vertigo, which I've never experienced before. We'll see if it happens again this month.

So that's what you get today. All I can manage is a whine session. (I hate my period. Especially now that there is no point. Pointless suffering is stupid.) And a moan. Here it comes now:



  1. One word (hyphenated): Depo-Provera.

    (I haven't had a period since 2006, and now that J's fixed, I technically don't even need to be on it, but wow, I sorta love not dealing with menstrual woes!)


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