I didn't yell at Hannah today when she spilled nail polish on the couch. And I didn't yell at anyone else after even though I was still choked about the nail polish ON THE COUCH.

Why couldn't she have spilled the see-through sparkle polish? WHY purple?

Sigh. It helps when something in the news puts it all in perspective though. My "why" is pretty ridiculous in the face of the big "why" echoing in the hearts of all the people hurting in Boston tonight.

If I could keep the kind of perspective I had today everyday though, I'd be the perfect parent and probably be busy baking muffins or finger painting or something instead of blogging while Sam plays music on the piano for Hannah to dance to while she pretends to be a cat with my bathrobe belt shoved into her underwear for a tail.

I feel lucky. And like I should wash my bathrobe belt.


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