Yelled today. Sort of. I'd have actually said I wasn't yelling, just talking loud, but Sam came upstairs with a friend while I was in my room with the phone, and he said, "Oh, they're screaming. We'll ask later."


So I have to change my counter back to zero from seven days. And don't think that those seven days came easy just because you haven't heard about them. They came hard. Hannah never quits. She even head butted me one day and then screamed at me "OWE MOMMY! YOU HEAD BUTTED ME!" and I managed to keep my cool while she argued with me about whose fault it was that she climbed on the couch and bonked her head on my stationary head. I had to eventually send her to her room. Seriously. She NEVER quits.

It seems unfair that I have to start my counter over for yelling at Glen. Especially since he was being a total tool, and yelling at me on the phone even after I told him more than once to stop yelling at me. And even then... I didn't "yell" yell. I just raised my voice in frustration. And cried. When I am frustrated I cry/yell. People who know me have heard/seen me do it. I don't feel like it's "yelling" but I've been told I'm yelling when I don't feel like I am, so probably it IS fair that I have to set back my counter. And really, I could have just hung up on him when I noticed that I was getting really mad. I made my choice to argue with him.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... This post is making me mad all over again. I'm going to go set back my dumb counter and then play some stupid Candy Crush because they're shutting down the Sims games on facebook, so there's no point in playing anymore.

Grumpy. Yes I am grumpy.


  1. Way to go on 6 days again!!! You're doing an awesome thing for your family and yourself!


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