Divide and Conquer

It's that time of month again people.

I say this, not to explain my post from yesterday, but to explain why tonight I did something different. Here's some more background information: It's hot out. I'm crampy. I'm grumpy. I had a long day of subbing. The house is a mess and it's hot out. (I mentioned that already, but don't you think a messy house is worse when it's hot out? I do. I can't explain why...) And I feel the usual monthly migraine coming on. Right now it's still just my neck, but it's coming and all I want is to lie all still in a cool, quiet, dark, CLEAN room.

Since it's June, off-loading the kids on Glen and disappearing isn't an option. No quiet dark room for me. So, I had to come up with a plan. And it worked so well I wanted to share it here. I bet you can guess what it was.


The kids have taekwondo on Tuesdays, which means they come home from school, have a quick snack, go to taekwondo, come home, BATH, eat, and then pretty much get ready for bed. In between these things they need to change three times and they work really hard at wandering off from what they're supposed to be doing to do things like bug the cat, bug each other, and bug Glen and me. It's usually pretty chaotic. And I couldn't face it.

So tonight when they came home from taekwondo I left them outside and brought them in one at a time to bath and feed. (And by feed, I mean make what they wanted, put it on a plate, and send them back outside with their food to eat in our sunroom.) And let me tell you... Genius. I swear it didn't take much longer than it would have to do them all at the same time, and there was SO MUCH less madness.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah. Conquer baby. Try it sometime. Especially if you have a migraine coming on.

Or if you're all out of booze. Whichever comes first.


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