I remember the day of Mavis' funeral. I remember the weather was beautiful. The reason I know this for sure is I remember riding in the back of Dad's car out to the graveyard and looking out the window at the blue sky and everyone driving to wherever and thinking how wrong it was. Everyone was just going on about their business like nothing had happened. The whole world was happy, and it shouldn't have been. Someone really special was gone, and I wanted people to notice.

At least, at LEAST, it should have rained.

When I asked people on facebook to send stories about Dad, it really was all about the stories. I wanted to laugh and remember Dad. I wanted to maybe even find out something about his life that I hadn't known before. But when all the stories came in and I felt better I realized something. Although I loved reading them, it wasn't the stories that were making me feel better. It was the rain.

Outside, the sky was blue, the fall leaves were beautiful, people went about their business just like any other day, but the rain fell. The world, my world anyways, noticed.

And that was important to me.

So, thanks for that. Thank you for being the dreary grey clouds in my sky. Thank you for marking the day with me. It helped.


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