Dear Hannah,

You're beautiful. Your face is so sweet. I love everything about it, smiling or sad. When I look at you, it breaks my heart, how beautiful you are. I hope that you never look in the mirror and hate what you see. I hope you always love your freckles, your pointy little chin, your bright red hair. Because you are so beautiful.

You're beautiful on the inside too. I know that it is hard to have emotions that roll over you in waves, but there is beauty in that my little love. Your heart has so much room for compassion and kindness and generosity. You have so much to give. Because you feel things so deeply, no one who you love will ever have to wonder what's in your heart, and that's an amazing gift. I hope you embrace this part of you, that came from me, that came from your Grampa. I hope you learn to use it to bring others comfort and joy, and I hope you find ways to ride the crests of the waves and not let them swamp you.

You love God. I don't know how it is that you have things figured out that your mommy is still working on...  I don't feel up to the task of tending to your precious soul. You're constantly searching and questioning, and I hope you never grow out of that. I hope you can trust that God is big enough for all of your questions, and I hope that you always rest in His love the way you do now. I hope you dream big dreams for Him... And I hope they all come true.
You're mind is beautiful. You are so clever and creative. I hope you never lose your wonder and passion for the world around you. I hope you never stop making up stories and songs. I hope you always read, and dream, and dance. I love the fantasy world you live in. I have one too, and in it I never could have dreamed of a little girl as sensational as you are. You are in every way more; you're more than I ever wished for. 

I want you to know that I love ALL of you. Every freckle, every giggle, every catastrophe. I hope your heart never questions that. I hope I can be the mom you deserve, and that you always know that I look at you and see so much beauty and goodness. I see you, heart, mind and soul, and you are a masterpiece. I hope that someday you are blessed with a daughter just like you who makes you as happy as you make me, so that you can truly understand what a gift you are.

I love you Hannah. Always.


  1. Oh Becky! I want to just hug her. Maybe because I get all weepy at the injustices of the world too. <3

  2. She is sooo much like you were at that age. What a great video of her ability to empathize at such a young age. You've done well raising her.

  3. That reminds me of when I walked past Keri's room and she was crying. Sobbing in big gulps. Poor thing was in kindergarten or first grade. I can't remember which. She went to a private school that had K-12. And why was she sobbing her heart out? Because the Seniors were going to graduate and they would be gone and she would never see them again. The tragedy of it all. So precious.


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