Green is the Colour: UPDATED

Don't get me wrong, we want the Riders to win. Anyone who lives in Saskatchewan does. It's the law. I think you could actually get fined if you didn't.

So if the school has a Rider Pride day, we're in. But when the game comes on, we'd rather be doing this:

Green may be the colour, but football's not the game. Not at our house anyways. We're going to move this party up to my bed after supper. I promised the boys I'd read two or three chapters of Searching For Dragons, and then we're all going to snuggle down with our blankets and our own books while we wait to find out who won the big game. Because we are interested, just not enough to watch.

I know. Nerdy. I don't know how I got so lucky.


It turns out we are interested enough to watch. I don't know how it happened. I just turned it on for a minute to see the stands all green and glorious.

Halfway through the game Ben showed himself to be his mother's son. He felt bad for the other team. That brings back memories of being ridiculed the last time the Riders took it all the way for pointing out how sad the other team looked when it was all over but the crying. Poor little football guys with big dreams mowed down by the green machine.

I'm glad we turned it on. Usually these things kind of make me sick with anxiety, but this was mostly just fun with only a few tense moments. And the boys loved it. Grampa would be proud of both his teams.


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