Hannah's Extreme Home Makeover

I know it's been a lot of Hannah lately, but this post isn't really about Hannah. It's about her dollhouse...

Last year I promised that I would show you guys befores and afters of all of the renos I did on the house I bought her before we gave it to her for Christmas, and all I ever showed you was a before, and then a few pictures of my struggles on facebook.

Well, the time has come... But I'm not doing it tonight. Her dollhouse is nice and clean, but our real house is a mess, and while ordinarily that doesn't stop me from being unproductive, we have a busy week ahead and I need the house to be clean so that I don't go crazy.

So what's the point of this post then?

I just wanted to tell you that next week is going to be devoted to befores and afters of all the rooms in Hannah's dollhouse. Partly because I think it turned out awesome, and partly because I am really struggling to come up with posts. So get ready! It's going to be like Property Brothers. We'll take a fixer upper and turn it into your dream home... Only, without two adorable brothers. We DO have those, but they didn't help me buy and then renovate this thing. So. Um. I'm totally rambling now. Probably because after I post this I have to clean the kitchen.


  1. LOL....a post is a post! I am reading this backwards to catch up, so I've already seen "next weeks" befores and afters.


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