Memory Lane

I walk down memory lane,
because I love running into you. 
There's a place inside of me, 
where your hand still rests.
I hear your laughter echo, 
and feel safe in your smile again.
And so I have a place,
where I walk and feel you near.
And down wandering paths of new memories
I take you along with me.


  1. I love that you got the little red sled! And that you have captured new memories that tie into old ones. He would have loved to be the one pulling that sled again. Love you.

  2. Becky, that poem is beautiful. Did you write it?

  3. Not the first two lines. The first two lines I saw on Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest. How I love you.

  4. Becky, do you mind if I share this poem with a friend? I think he'd appreciate reading it, since he's experienced some significant loss in his life.

  5. No, of course not! I put my blog to public again. It's all fair game. (And I'd love if it meant something to someone else.)


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