The Little Cat (UPDATED)

Yes, I admit it. I haven't blogged for (almost) a month because even though I had things I wanted to write about, I knew NaBloPoMo was coming.

And today I'm going to keep on with that. I think it's a good plan. Even though I have better ideas, and things to say, I could write a post about this lost cat we're taking care of and keep saving the good posts till I totally can't think of anything to say.

Actually, that pretty much sums up the whole post. There's this lost cat living in our house. The SPCA is full to capacity. The animal rescue organization here in Yorkton is full to capacity. And I can't make myself throw this little guy out into the cold.

Fritti is NOT happy with this little act of compassion.

Hannah named it "Hannah Grace" and the boys named it "George" after Curious George and George Mallory. I call it "The Little Cat" because we ARE NOT KEEPING IT. Oh, I hope we aren't keeping it.

UPDATE: You won't believe this, but we found its family! After calling the SPCA, and putting up its picture all over facebook, I decided to put up a sign in our front yard. Worked like a charm! Not even an hour later there was a knock on our door.

Poor Hannah wasn't very happy. First, to find out "Hannah Grace" is a boy, and then to have to let him go. This is why we could never be fosters for our local pet rescue.

But, YAY! No new cat for us. What a relief.


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