The Living Room

It's time for the last room! Cue the depressing before shots: 

The fireplace and lamp by the window were especially hideous, in my opinion.

And here's the after!

This room was probably the most work. After I gave up on spray painting and switched to folk art paint, the rest of the furniture came together pretty quickly. The couches, on the other hand, took a lot of fussing to get them looking nice. It is surprisingly REALLY difficult to sew tiny couch cushions, and when I ripped off the old "upholstery" I discovered that they were falling apart, so I had to cut some new pieces. In the end, I could have just made them from scratch easier, but on the upside I know how to make Barbie couches now. 

I know I said earlier that the hutch in the kitchen is my favourite piece of furniture, and it is, but I love how everything turned out in this room. The furniture and lamp look so much better than they did when I got them, and I was really happy with the fireplace transformation. Ben and Sam helped by "painting" this artwork for Hannah last Christmas, so I guess there were property brothers involved after all. 

So there it is! From dismal and dreary, to bright and cheery. Hannah loves it, and plays with it all the time. There's nothing cuter than her setting up a tea party in the kitchen for her Barbies, and usually a stuffy or two, or her tucking in Ariel for a nap in the bedroom. I still can't believe I got this whole house, and all it's furniture for only $90.00 plus the $20.00 or so I spent on remodeling/redecorating supplies. It was worth every penny, and all the work, ten times over.


  1. lol, that fireplace before pic was GLORIOUS. Almost as good as my TBT bangs pic from last week.

  2. BECKY!!!!!! This makeover is AMAZING. You are....this is...I can't...NO - THERE ARE NO WORDS!! SJ


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