Today is the Day

Today I read my book and got paid for it.
Today I let an old lady talk me into taking in a lost kitty cat.
Today I bought 7 costumes at Walmart for around 40 dollars.
Today I ate approximately 20 tiny Butterfingers.
Today I watched Sam kick a styrofoam board in half on the first try.
Today I started NaBloPoMo for the 7th straight year.

It was a good day. You know how I can tell? I would only change one of those things. And the only reason I'd change it is the heart burn. (I wonder if you can guess which one...)


  1. Totally forgot it was november!!!!

  2. So how did you get paid to read a book?

    1. I was subbing. In a high school class that really didn't need me there. So I read my book, as instructed by the teacher. (She warned me ahead of time to bring one along.)


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