An eBay Day

I have nothing interesting to say.

I spent the day subbing. A little girl told me I looked very gorgeous. (I think she liked my hair. She kept touching it.) A little boy told me I was mean and lay upside down in his desk crying for around ten minutes until he realized I really didn't care. (I make kids cry all the time.)Then I spent the rest of the day/evening online shopping with my cousin Melanie. Here are some of the highlights:

That's the dress that started it all. (Sort of. There was some apline sweater stuff that happened first, but it's not really important.) Mel bought baby Emma one just like it. So we looked and looked to find something to match it for big sister Bella. And we found this dress. An exact match! Hurrah! Only then Mel stopped and thought for a second and figured she should at least try on Bella's dress from last year. And it still fits! And isn't it so pretty?

And Bella looks like a sparkly angel girl in it. The hunt was on for a gold dress for baby Emma to wear. And LOOK! We found an exact. match.

It's fate right? We think so.

In the meantime I typed sweater dress and spent a long time looking for one for Hannah. I saved a whole bunch of them to my watch list. I liked all of them. How would I pick which one. And then something happened that changed everything.

After seeing this dress, that neither Melanie or I had any reason to buy, I decided that everything else I'd looked at was ugly in comparison. I deleted all the dresses I'd saved to my watch list. And looked for a new wall decal for Becca.

Perfecto! Hopefully it gets here in time for me to bring it to her at Christmas. I'll get it shipped straight to Ang. That'll buy me a bit more time.

Of course, Hannah noticed what I was doing and figured she'd like something for her wall too. I wish I could talk her into something else, but who am I to argue with princesses and unicorns. Especially a red haired princess riding a unicorn. Sigh.

And there you have it. My day.

(I still want the dress that I have no reason to buy.)


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