Cat Trap

Before we do anything, I need to tell you about something I saw on the internet tonight. You can read the full post here, but the short version is that some bored cat owner decided to make a cat trap and take pictures of their cat in said trap.

Here's a picture:

That's the trap. Here's the cat:

Now, I thought it was funny. Stupid cat. (Cat's are seriously, SO stupid.) And that cat in particular, in that trap, really cracked me up. But then I saw this next picture, and after I was finished laughing at the expression on that cat's face:

I had to try it myself. (You knew this was coming.)

It worked about as well as I thought it would. I think I should have maybe used string or something more 3-dimensional. I forced the issue by sitting beside my trap and patting the carpet encouragingly.

Stupid cat.


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