Do Unto Others

I often make meals for people. When they're sick. Or they have a miscarriage. Or they lose a loved one. Or they break their foot. Or I just know they're having a rough go of things. I do it because I remember when I had my babies, and ladies from the church took turns bringing us supper. I remember when Dad was sick, and how it felt when anyone did anything nice. (And how it felt when no one did anything nice at all.)

There is just something about someone doing something, anything at all, that says "I'm with you. I care. I can't fix it, but I can do this one thing for you, and maybe it will help." At least, that's what I'm saying when I send a meal, or flowers, or whatever.

So when someone sends you a meal like this one...

When someone takes the time to ask your kids at church (while she's teaching children's church for you) what you like to eat, and what your kids like to eat, and then makes all of it. (Seriously, ALL OF IT. Lasagna and Kraft Dinner and pizza. Who does that?) Plus a whole bunch of other stuff, like that amazing mandarin and almond salad. And you only have a cold, after all...

You feel loved. And humbled. And determined to look for ways to make someone else feel the way that she made you feel.


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