Here's another boring blog post that's actually more of a facebook thing nowadays.

Number Three: The Menu, Or What I Ate Today

These types of posts are usually accompanied by a unappetizing photo of something totally ordinary that the cook seems to be (inexplicably) proud of and wants everyone to see and comment on. "Wow! That looks amazing! You're sensational!"

This is not to say that this type of post doesn't have the potential to be very un-boring. There are a lot of very famous food blogs out there. But let's face it, most of us regular folks should not be posting pictures of what we ate that day. Like this:

It's not that it's gross... Well, except for the part where I burnt the ham. But it's not worth a photo. I don't understand this obsession with everyone knowing what you had for supper. Or lunch. Or snack. Yay you, you made a healthy smoothy, took a picture, posted it and tagged it #foodasfuel. Big deal. I made one yesterday too. No one cares. Get over yourself.


  1. Hahahaha...I've done that a handful of times. So too bad!!!!! LOL


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