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Number Five: Workouts, or Look At Me! I'm Better Than You!

It's not that I'm not super happy that you're working out. It's not even that I don't want to know what it is that you're doing that's tranforming you right in front of my eyes. But let's be honest, I pretty much do know. We all know. It's not like exercise and eating right is some big secret. So it's boring to read about.

And sometimes it comes across braggy. And you deserve to brag about it. Every now and then when you've really done something amazing you should go for it. But I don't want to hear about every single workout. I think this is more of a facebook thing these days, like everything else. I have some friends that almost never post anything other than a status about their run that day, or how many reps they did at the gym, or their run that day to the gym... Yawn. Is that the only interesting thing in your life?

I'd write an example of one of these posts, but I can't since my treadmill has been a clothes drying rack for the last month or two. I suppose I could give an example of a boring post filled with excuses and frustration with myself. Those can't be fun to read either.

You want to know what IS fun? 

This movie. This movie is super fun. We watched it. I loved it. So did the kids.

(K. This one FOR SURE counts.)


  1. Yes, I hate those posts, too. Who cares. Got up, went to the gym, ate a yogurt, and now I'm just that much more awesome than I was yesterday when I got up, went to the gym and ate a yogurt. And it's not because I am challenged in these areas. I am what I am, but seriously, I would rather you post a cute video than a play by play. I often want to say this on my Facebook, but sadly, I care too much what people think. I'm lame. LOL But I will check out that movie. And all posts count. I think next year, you should try to post just one word each day. And we can all take turns guessing to what you are referring. LOL


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