Well, this poor blog must get pretty lonely sometimes, but not in November baby! I wonder if some year I'll just decide it's okay to break with tradition and skip Nablopomo? I can't even imagine.

Since I'm still sick with this darn cough, and now a bit of a wheezing problem, and tired, and my ankle is throbbing from all that walking last night reminding me that today is the three year anniversary of breaking the crap out of it... I'm feeling like a bit of a baby today, and so I'm going to kick off this wild month of blogging with this picture from last night that most of you have probably already seen on facebook...

I wish I could post the video of Ang and Ben and me in the haunted yard. We had a pretty great Halloween together.


  1. Yeah, I missed yesterday, so I cheated and changed the date. Much to fill you in on in this becky's life -- when are you back in town?

  2. Christmas. VERY excited to have a Nablopomo buddy.


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