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Number Four: The Fangirl, or What I Watched Today

This is where you talk about something a good portion (that's you Melissa) of your readers have no knowledge of, and so can't enjoy reading. But you don't care, so you ramble on and on and bore the socks off of at least half (you again Melissa) of the people reading. (Becky is the other half. And she'll be on board. On board the Tardis! Allons-y!)


Doctor Who and Donna? Has there ever been anything better on TV than this moment when they meet again? I don't think there has. Don't get me wrong. I love Rose. LOVE Rose. And Amy. But Donna is my favourite. And now that I'm watching them all over again, I just love her even more.

It's been interesting watching them all a second time. I didn't really have many super strong feelings about any of the episodes the first time. I just kind of liked everything. And if something sad happened, I just kind of felt sad. The second time though, it's all so different. I definitely have episodes that I think are dumb and a waste of my time, and my favourites stand WAY above the rest. And sad things? Like Rose wanting to hear the Doctor say the words? And him not being able to? I just...

Anyways. I ordered a (it's a surprise) today. I think with the purchase of my very first Doctor Who merchandise I can officially call myself a Whovian. I only wish I had a baby. Then I could order him a Stormageddon onsie. That would be fantastic. Oh well. Next will be a mug I think. I have it narrowed down to these two: 

That is all.


  1. Welcome to the dark side!! I love Donna the most, too. It wasn't until my second time watching that I could have an appreciation for Martha. Have you watched the current season yet?

    1. Yes, I'm all caught up and waiting for the next episode.

      Want to know what I watched today for the first second time? The Library. I'm still crying.

    2. Also, "But I've been dieting!!!!!"

      Ahahahahahaha. Oh, Donna. The true tragedy of The Library.


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