I pulled out a tooth at school today. I made a class full of third graders crack up when I read them a fable about a fox and a crab. It wasn't that great of a story, but I really do the best voices. I got to watch a little girl have a light bulb moment after I explained fact families for the fifth or sixth time. (I wouldn't give up. Base ten blocks finally did the job.) I got to do some correcting. I love correcting. And even more, I love correcting the correcting. And I even had time to do some of that with the kids. A little girl left a note on the teacher's desk that said I was fun. And pretty.

It's easy to forget why I like teaching some days. But days like today are good reminders.

(And P.S. Don't think it was some perfect utopia. I also lost a student, like out of the school, no one knows where she is, we can't find her or her coat, for about 20 minutes. I yelled, seriously YELLED, at least three times because they were so loud they literally couldn't hear me telling them to shut it. I told them to shut it at least... 30 times? 30 wouldn't be an exageration. I found a moldy sandwich in a desk that almost, oh people it was close, had me losing my cookies in the trash can. I seriously considered taping a student to his chair. Someone stole my Halls. I didn't lose them. I left them on the table I was working at, and when I came back after recess they were gone. Teaching is almost never a perfect utopia, but that doesn't mean it's not perfect.)


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