This Better Work

I'm not in the mood to write a post. I still feel like crap, I'm still finishing off antibiotics that didn't do me any good, and now I lose two hours a day sitting with this dumb nebulizer that so far isn't doing any good. And they aren't even a fun two hours. First of all, I can't hear anything over the machine, and second of all I have to keep my eyes closed so the mist doesn't get in my eyes because apparently that's bad. So I can't even read. If I could at least read I would be happy to be forced to sit around doing (almost) nothing. But real, actual nothing is lame. Plus it makes me cough. Isn't it supposed to make me not cough?

Oh hey! I just thought of another way to make a blog super boring!

Number Six: The "Oh My Back!" or
What Are All The Things I Could Possibly Complain About?
Don't do that. No one wants to hear the boring details of how sick you are. I can do that here because almost no one is reading this, and I know if you are reading you must have really low expectations, which I'm cool with.


  1. Haha....hmmmm....Low expectations or just plain nosy. But seriously, you need to get well. Of course I am reading from today's date backward, so maybe they will just get more interesting.


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