What Did I Do Today?

I think this might be my worst NaBloPoMo ever. Not only do I have nothing interesting to say, which is common, but I don't have the energy to try and come up with something. So, instead of fighting it, I'm gonna roll with it. This week we're going to explore, in no particular order, the most boring types of blog posts. If you find yourself doing these things, trust me, you're boring. (Like meeeeeeee!)

Number 1: The Diary, Or What I Did Today

Last night Ben was up all night puking. It was bound to happen. Sam was sick on Thursday/Friday. And Hannah was sick the week before. We were doomed. It's been extra awesome because I am super sick with a brutal cough that just might kill me. Seriously. Sometimes when I'm coughing at night and close to passing out I imagine scrawling a goodbye message on a post-it note and leaving it for my family to find stuck to my cold, dead body... Where was I? Oh yeah. Ben was up puking. Till 7am. Hannah started at 10am. I slept through Hannah though. I got up at around 2pm when Glen had to leave for school, because of course, it's midterms. I hung out in my bed for an hour or two, and then I dragged myself out of bed to make supper for the kids. Before I did that, I put some leftover soup in the freezer, to save for later. When I shut the door, it popped the lid of the soup off, and my banh phat pho spilled through both drawers of frozen food. Sigh. So while the kid's supper cooked I got to take everything out of the freezer, clean it off, put it downstairs in the deep freeze, wipe out the inside of the freezer, pull the fridge out, and clean the floor and underside of the fridge. Awesome. Then supper time at last. I ate three mini Crunchie bars and some milk because there wasn't enough soup for me and I was too tired to make the ravioli I had planned for myself. While the boys happily ate their soup, I forced Hannah to try hers. It took about ten minutes of arguing before she finally tasted it and realized she liked it. Sigh. Of course, none of them finished their soup, so I could have had some after all, but I'm too scared to eat it because of their flu germs. Now I'm on the couch playing Wipeout on the Wii with the boys, then bedtime, when I'll probably cough till 3am or so before being exhausted enough to fall asleep. I'm looking forward to it. If I'm still wheezing/coughing/dying tomorrow I'll go to the doctor. I'm looking forward to that too.
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