Alllllllllllriiiiiiiight Everybody

(My new very favourite thing to hear on a Wednesday.)

It was with a feeling of dread jubilant anticipation that I realized today is the start of November. You can see by my last post that the blogging was nonexistent astonishingly prolific on here throughout the rest of the year, as is my custom. I think you can all expect to be reading some mundane mind-blowing posts this month, again, as is my custom.

So let's start this out right. Here's a picture of Ang and the kids playing Wii tonight.

Bam. This blogging thing is dead easy.


  1. I predict many pictures of cats.

    1. I think that is a pretty safe prediction.

  2. Only you could not blog for an entire year, post a picture of people staring at a TV and still get comments. That is why you are you. And I love you.Shirley


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