At The Bay

I did the most amazing thing today. I went to The Bay. I picked out a bra I liked. I tried it on. It fit. I bought it.

There were billions though. Billions and billions of bras I could have tried on and I bet they would have fit too. No spillage. No trying to cram the spillage into the cup and somehow make something, anything! work. And it was at a regular store that regular people go to and buy stuff.

Do you know, I couldn't even find bras that contained me at the fat stores??? I usually just picked the one that came the closest. It didn't matter what it looked like or felt like on, just so long as not too much of my boobs were hanging out.

But today there were billions that would have worked, but I was tired and sore so I just bought the first thing that I tried on.

It. Was. EPIC.


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