At Least Try

Is it December yet? I don't want to do this anymore. I just want to watch Doctor Who and hold this little purring kitten. If I weren't typing I could be eating sunflower seeds, so I'm going to get this over with.

Here's a picture of me playing in my first band concert in 20 years. Everyone who knows me knows I used to be a huge band geek, and I missed it. I used to say that if I could live over three weeks of my life, one would be my honeymoon, one would be camp, and one would be a marching band trip. Now all of them would be weeks with my dad, but still, band is way up there.

I almost cried my first practice. It felt like coming home. I wish I could go back in time and fix my flute ten years ago. It haunts me a little that I could have been in band all this time, but the important thing is I get to do it now. It's the funnest and best part of my week every single week.

And the flute section is the funnest section. I love all of my flute buddies. The first week, one of our sheets of music had written on it "at least try." That's our motto now. I might make us all t-shirts.


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