Better Than Expected

Fritti is a bit of an asshole. He routinely hunts and then tries to eat the children. If he gets outside and you try and catch him to bring him back inside, he will try to savage you. And if he sees another cat outside through the window or screen door, it's DEFCON 1 in here. Imminent attack. Arm the missiles.

So I was a little leery about bringing four teeny helpless kittens into our home. Except, it seemed like the best possible way to introduce him to even the possibility of a new cat on his turf. Because who could possibly be threatened by a wobbly little ball of adorableness? Fritti. That's who. Or so I thought.

We took it so slow. He didn't even really see them the first few days. I just rubbed them on things. After that he saw them, but from across a whole room. And not running around, mostly because they couldn't really do that yet anyways, he saw us holding them. He disappeared for an entire day when they first got here. When he came back he would approach the bucket o' kittens veeeeeery slowly and then give it a quick sniff, a hiss, and then run away. Then he added peaking inside to that. And ever so gradually he stopped hissing and running and just sat and watched.

I was so sure he'd take up the asshole a few notches, but he never did. Even at the beginning he was so calm about all of it. I was shocked at how quickly he got used to me setting a kitten down beside him, and then bowled over when he started licking them. He loves to lick those kittens. And watch the kittens play. And yes, pounce and roll the kittens, and eat their food, and boof the kittens (that's what I call when they walk by and he just "boofs" them), and knock them off of things, and once he starts stalking them he is relentless and I have to take them away from him if I want him to stop.

But seriously. I never, in my wildest kitten fantasies expected things to go this well.

This has turned out to be one of my most genius plans ever.


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