For crying out loud. I can't believe this isn't over. Honestly, this is the worst NaBloPoMo in the history of NaBloPoMos. I have nothing to say, other than my boobs hurt, and now both sides are infected, which probably means I should be put back on oral antibiotics which I don't want to do, because today was the first day without diarrhea since almost two whole weeks ago. Judging by the way things have been going, antibiotics will just send me straight back to the toilet.

Yes. Diarrhea. I went there. I am so out of things to talk about that I'm now talking about even that aspect of my misery. Actually, it's not even just about not having anything interesting to say, it's about my mind being completely stressed out by all of this and totally unable to think about anything else.

December can't come soon enough.


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