The Handyman's Secret Weapon

I took Ben to Giant Tiger to look for ski pants today. We hadn't been able to find any black ones at Walmart or Superstore so far this winter, so I was worried we'd have to go someplace expensive next. But we found some. Nice and cheap. We like that. Except, wouldn't you know it, the only ones in Ben's size were "girl" ones. They were virtually identical to the "boy" ones except for the logo is in pink, not blue, but still... Girl pants.

And then Ben said these words, "Can't we just stick some duct tape over that?"

I nearly couldn't contain myself. Almost bursting into tears along with my helpless laughter I said, "Ben!!! Your grampa would be SO PROUD!!!!!"

And I was proud. Ben is still my dad's grandson. This proves it. He hasn't been here for so many of Ben's growing up years, but that is a Braun. And not just any Braun, John Braun's number one grandson. Ben-jo-min. I was bursting with pride and joy. I think Ben thought I had gone a bit crazy.

Our Ben. Not only does he hate shopping so much that he'll buy almost anything just to get it over with, his first thought is to break out the handyman's secret weapon to fix whatever is wrong with it. Somewhere in heaven my dad is smiling his most happy smile and proclaiming, "That's my boy!" And right here, down on Earth, I just love them both. So much.


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