Wait For It

So, for the last week or so there's been a cucumber in my fridge with Fritti's name on it,  because Ang and I saw this YouTube video of people scaring their cats with cucumbers.

And it's fantastic.

Obviously, I had to try it. (Even if some people might think it's "despicable" and makes them "question my humanity." Actually, that just makes me want to do it more.)
It turned out pretty much exactly the way I expected it to. 

(This video is taking an eternity to upload. And I'm really tired. And I want to take my pain pill and be even tireder. So it might have to wait till tomorrow.)


  1. First of all. i can't believe that i forgot to check your blog everyday. I missed so much. and that video is almost funnier than if he had freaked out. love it!


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