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I Made It

... And I'd post the usual celebratory YouTube video, but I have no idea how to do that on my phone. So this is it, probably for another year. It's over!!!

Break Up

WHY!?!?! Why can these two not just get it together?

They better freaking get. it. together next season. Because come ON. "Never in sync" is not a good enough reason. I'm so annoyed right now.

Iritis Math

Because I'm grumpy, and just out of curiosity...

Pred Forte
2 weeks at 1 drop/hour = 14 x 24 = 336
2 weeks at 1 drop/2 hours = 14 x 12 = 168
1.5 weeks at 1 drop/3 hours = 10 x 8 = 80
1 week at 1 drop/4 hours = 7 x 6 = 36
1 week at 1 drop/6 hours = 7 x 4 = 28
4 days at 1 drop/8 hours = 4 x 3 = 12
1 week at 1 drop/ 12 hours = 7 x 2 = 14
1 week at 1 drop/day = 7

plus 10 weeks of 3 drops/day = 70 x 3 = 210

Glaucoma Drops
plus 3 weeks of 3 drops/day = 21 x 3 = 63

Awesome. That means I probably only have to put in eye drops around 954 more times, and go to the eye doctor 20 or so times to fix this next iritis flare up. And here I thought it was a thousand and dozens.

(Actually, my right eye usually responds to the steroids much better than my left eye, so it shouldn't be as bad. I'm just really discouraged, and super annoyed, and have no room in my life for a positive outlook.)


Holy smokes I'm tired. Why am I so tired???

I don't think I should have to write a new post because I posted this on facebook:

This is for you Clucky:
😆Four names I go by: 1. Becky 2. Mommy (Ben and I had a talk, and he's working on switching to calling me Mom instead. We think he's too old for Mommy. So far he hasn't remembered even once. lol) 3. Mrs. Willems 4. and when they can't remember Mrs. Willems, "Teacher"
🏠Four places I've lived: 1. Dorkton 2. Martensville 3. Saskatoon 4. Regina
💻Four things I love to watch on TV 1. Everything
🌎Four places I have visited: 1. Denita's house 2. I like to go to the beach
🍴Four things I love to eat: 1. Pie 2. Nachos 3. GARDEN CUCUMBERS 4. Gramma's pickles and borscht
Four of my favourite drinks: 1. Iced Tea 2. Starbucks Mocha Frappucino 3. Caesars 4. Girly cocktails
🏁Four people I hope will respond: 1. I don't care


Look what Pearl got to help me look after her kids next week. This is going to be easy.

This Is The Recital That Never Ends... Yes It Goes On And On My Friends

Tonight was the annual Canadian Showcase piano recital in Yorkton. They bring in a Canadian composer who gives a mini-concert, and then students play and are adjudicated. Sounds fun right? No? Let me tell you, it's even less fun than it sounds. For once, I wasn't even a little mad that Glen kept almost falling asleep and I had to keep poking him awake... everyone was almost falling asleep. I loaned him my kobo to help him stay awake, which was very generous of me, because it meant I had nothing to amuse myself with. (Hannah had my phone.) It was nice to hear the kids play, and the pianist was really talented and nice, but the adjudicating just went on forever.

Sam really enjoyed himself. (Other than the aforementioned endless adjudicating.) He loved the mini-concert, and was super excited to get the music book we bought him signed by the composer. It's actually a really neat book. She wrote it to be like a choose-your-own-adventure. The songs tell a story, and you get the…

Ballerina Girl, You Are So Lovely

I always wanted to be a ballerina. I just think dancers are so beautiful. I wished I was one. Watching Hannah turning into a little dancer is just as good, maybe better. She's been working so hard the last few weeks. Of course, she's Hannah, so she's also been crying a lot the last few weeks. She lost it when I told her to show her teeth when she smiles, so we can see it from far away. It was almost as bad as teaching her to skip.

But she's so proud of herself. And I'm so proud of her too. She's amazing.

Here It Is:

I borrowed Glen's laptop so I could show something.

I love this picture. But I probably shouldn't set it as my new facebook profile picture, should I? I want to though. Sooooooooooo bad.

And since it doesn't seem fair to just put up the picture I was talking about yesterday and call it a post, here's a bonus picture for all of us to enjoy.

Lamer and Lamer

Things are about to get even lamer on here because I can only blog on my phone till Friday. I can't even figure out how to post a new photo on this thing. I can post super old photos though. So..... enjoy?

Nope. Don't enjoy. Apparently I can't even add old ones, which is a shame, because I found some DOOZIES.

Very Busy

I thought I was closer to the end, and it wouldn't take me long to get caught up and ready for the new season, but I'm only on season 5 episode 16! I still have over two seasons to watch.

So, obviously, no time for blogging.

Done Like Dinner

I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping, and I haven't walked into a store. Online shopping rocks my world. Thrilled. That's me. I even bought Hannah's Christmas dress online. I let her pick. I wanted to get something like this:

She picked this:

At least I didn't have to go to the store. Now I wait.

So Dumb. I Mean. SO. DUMB

There are a lot of things I can't stand about Donald Trump supporters. Their stupidity has to be near the top of the list though. I can't stand stupid things. And they're SO stupid.

Take, for instance, this new #trumpcup "statement." I mean, only people stupid enough to vote for Trump could have come up with this one. Punish Starbucks by buying its product. That'll teach 'em. The list of things they're boycotting just keeps growing. Today they added a play because some of the audience booed Mike Pence. And Trump wants the cast to apologize. So presidential. I have to wonder how many times I'm going to roll my eyes reading about idiotic Trump and his followers in the next few years. I'm guessing it's going to be a lot, because he's not even president yet and it's ridiculous.

That's it. I wish I had something more interesting to talk about. I hate November.

One (Wo)Man's Trash... Is Trash

I had nothing to post till I went on the Yorkton online garage sale site and saw this:

It was posted by my favourite ever online garage saler: Mabel. I think these might be the same exact cups that she had posted five or so years ago, when I first noticed her. The description says, "Collector items...or may be used for regular usage,only 2 on left are waxy type, others all are plastic ones and larger size, only $3 altogether."

Mabel, these are GARBAGE. Throw them out. I want to tell her that if she pays me $3.00 I'll come over and take care of them for her, but I'd probably get in trouble for that. I'm following the post just in case someone else does, because it would fulfill a longing in me that I can't fully explain...

That'd Be Nice

You know what else I'd like for Chirstmas? A really nice print for my room. Something from Ispuchaw would be nice, I should look through Dad's photos, but I'd also love something taken from Sandy Beach at Good Spirit. Big. And framed really nice.


I love preK. I love it so much. But I'm exhausted. Plus it's Wednesday, which is our craziest, busiest night of the week. So tired. It's 8pm, and I could have easily gone to sleep at six.. that is, if I wasn't still driving kids all over the place.

 BUT since I've been complaining a lot, here are some great things about today:

A job I really do like going to most of the time, even just subbing.Hannah is cute. I love getting her dressed in the mornings.Being "thin" enough to enjoy wearing clothes again.  Starbucks mocha frappacino in a bottle, available in cities with no Starbucks stores.Cupcakes for my favourite EA's birthday. Cat cuddles. Cat kisses. Cat paws. Hugs from preK's.Playdough.Pool fries and gravy, and not feeling guilty for eating out because I worked today. $$$Cha-ching$$$Awesome extracurricular activities that my children love and learn so much from. Cell phones that I can use to call Glen and tell him he forgot to pick up Sam. Netfli…

Is It Over Yet?

Oh man. November goes on forever. Who wants to see what I'd like for Christmas?

That's all for tonight. I'm trying to pace myself.

Am I Actually An Elderly Woman?

I feel like maybe it's a bad sign that I'm tickled pink about getting fitted for orthotics today. With that and the glaucoma medications currently on my nightstand... it's not looking good for me, is it?

Three Things Very Dull Indeed

1.) I just ordered a butt load of clothes for the kids on sale at Old Navy. Dress clothes for Ben, and some play dresses for Hannah. Frick I love that site when they have good sales on.

2.) I did not order these shoes. Because they didn't have my size. I'm sad.

3.) Full Disclosure: I did order them. One size too small. I'm going to try to cram my feet into them.

Two Things Moderately Clever

Since I posted one meaningful and worthwhile thing yesterday, I feel like today I should be able to take a break. So here are two moderately clever things. They're going to be about TV.

1.) Stranger Things: AH! What a great start to a series! I loved it, and I mean loved it. Maybe not Doctor Who loved it, but it was pretty great. I have trouble seeing how next season can be anywhere near as interesting as this one was, but you can bet I'll be watching. I loved loved Dustin. That kid. Actually, all the kids are amazing actors. And I loved Hopper. When he went rogue and broke into the lab, awesome. And the story, obviously, was amazing. I love science fiction, and puzzling out this story was so fun. Yup. Good show. Too bad it only took a day to burn through it on Netflix.

3.) Speaking of burning through seasons on Netflix. It only took from October 13th to 21st to watch six seasons of The Walking Dead, and now I think about it all the time. I'm pretty worried about Daryl ri…


I already posted this on Facebook today, but seriously, it's a lot of work to think of one thing worth posting a day. So this is what you get. One thing very clever, be it prose or verse, original or repeated...

I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Nightstand

But only if I live long enough to be elderly. (This is ridiculous.)

This Counts

I have nothing to say.


It's election day in the United States. It's kind of terrifying to watch. The thing that I find the scariest isn't the possibility of Trump as president. (Although, that is seriously terrifying.) The thing that really disturbs me is that there are MILLIONS of people just to the south of us who are okay with his brand of hatred. And bullying. And selfishness. It's not just the Donald. It's his followers.

Which makes me think about another leader and His followers. The thing that is beautiful about Jesus shouldn't just be his love. And grace. And sacrifice. (In direct opposition to everything I just said about Trump, you'll notice.) The thing that should be beautiful about Jesus is that His followers exemplify those same qualities.

And, just like that, the world is changed, for better or for worse by one person.

Tonight I'm trying really hard to focus on the One that I follow, and trust that He's got this, no matter the outcome.

Another Reason Why

I love The Doctor.


"It helps to know what it is."

A character on Wentworth just said that about the depression that's been ruining his life. And I get it. Boy, do I get it.

Of course, he thinks he was suicidal and jumped in front of a van, but really the evil governor of the prison put a hit out on him, and paid someone to drive him down in the street, causing a serious brain injury that made him forget the critical information she'd do anything to keep the world from knowing. But still, samers Mr. Fletcher. Samers.

It does help to know what it is.

Undiagnosed depression and anxiety feels like you are losing a battle against yourself every day. You can't understand why you are in pain when the doctors can't find anything wrong with you. You just want to sleep and hide, but you have a life that you need to live and being "lazy" isn't an option. At least not every day. And not if you don't want to feel like more of a failure that you already do. You don't kn…

National Love Your Red Hair Day

You know when you imagine something amazing, but it never turns out as good as it was in your head? That's not Hannah. I imagined her for years. I named her, I bought her outfits, I planned the things I'd like to do with her, I even practiced her hairdos on poor Ben. And then she came. And one of the first things I remember after she was born was the nurse talking about her red hair. I lay there on the stretcher waiting for them to clean her up and bring her to me, and telling myself she did not have red hair. Not really. She couldn't have red hair.

Because in my wildest fantasies I didn't get to have a red-haired daughter. That would be too much. Just a daughter was enough. It was more than enough. But God didn't just give me a daughter, He gave me Hannah.

She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She sparkles. She says the funniest things all the time, and she's smart and self-assured. She's so graceful, but so clumsy. She is loving and affe…

A Nose By Any Other Name

First of all, it's like the third day of November and I am hating this post every day thing so much already. Brutal. This is going to be a long month of really really stupid posts.

Today I went to the hospital and got the mole on my nose cut off. It doesn't hurt, but people, the freezing. And, as usual, my body doesn't give a crap about anesthetic and proceeds onwards for an incredibly long time before finally giving up and going numb. Five times. Wowza, that hurt. And my poor doctor kept coming back thinking "This time, surely..." Then he just gave up and just kept poking my poor nose over and over. "You can feel that?" Uhhhhh... YES!!!!! "You have a very high tolerance to anesthetic. This is much more than I usually need to use." Yup. I've run into that problem a few times before.

But it's gone. And it doesn't hurt at all now.

My sister, on the other hand, spent the day finalizing her plans to adopt the most adorable cat in th…

The Lies That Bind

My arm hurts from my flu shot, but I can't complain about it out loud because I told Hannah it doesn't and she's fine.

Go Away Wednesday

So. Today was LONG. I subbed kindergarten. Five of them were completely,  and I mean COMPLETELY, out of control. Five. Rolling on the floor, screaming, PEEING ALL OVER THE BATHROOM out of control. I literally didn't even have time to change my tampon till 4:30. Oh yeah, I got my period, which means migraine. Yay. Then I had this crazy idea to take the kids for flu shots. On a Wednesday. That's our busy day. All of our days are busy, but Wednesdays... Here's how it looked after school:

3:50 finally get away from school after waiting twenty minutes for a sister to pick up the last kindergartener (and one of the out of controls of course) and finding out she got sent home for being, you guessed it, also out of control.
3:55 drive as quickly as possible to pick up kids from school who will now be late for piano lessons
4:00 drive home to grab piano bags (can't find Sam's) and health cards
4:05 drop Ben at piano
4:10 pick up Glen from school
4:15 back to kids' schoo…


The day I've been dreading all month is here. November first. A normal person would see this as a sign to give up and just let it go. Don't bother with NaBloPoMo. I suspect that I'm not normal.

And actually, maybe this would be a good time for me to write some stuff out that I'm processing right now. I'm not sure where to start though, so I'm gonna give myself a day to think about it and just leave you with this screen shot:

Sigh. I don't know what to say. I'll think about it, and get back to you. ("You" probably being Shirley, Becky, and Sheila, and maybe Ang and Melissa if they remember it's November. And maybe Mel and Cindi. That's it I think. lol)