A Nose By Any Other Name

First of all, it's like the third day of November and I am hating this post every day thing so much already. Brutal. This is going to be a long month of really really stupid posts.

Today I went to the hospital and got the mole on my nose cut off. It doesn't hurt, but people, the freezing. And, as usual, my body doesn't give a crap about anesthetic and proceeds onwards for an incredibly long time before finally giving up and going numb. Five times. Wowza, that hurt. And my poor doctor kept coming back thinking "This time, surely..." Then he just gave up and just kept poking my poor nose over and over. "You can feel that?" Uhhhhh... YES!!!!! "You have a very high tolerance to anesthetic. This is much more than I usually need to use." Yup. I've run into that problem a few times before.

But it's gone. And it doesn't hurt at all now.

My sister, on the other hand, spent the day finalizing her plans to adopt the most adorable cat in the entire world. I'm going to catnap her maybe. I suggested she name her Cindy Lauper. She's gone with Molly Ringwald, which I like even better. It's the perfect name for the world's perfectest cat. I can't wait to meet her.

Look at her. Lookat!


  1. We are just the worst at this NaBloPoMo thing.

  2. It's true. I suck. I'd say it's all down to stubborn pride, but we both know there's nothing to be proud of here. Just deep shame. lol.


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