Go Away Wednesday

So. Today was LONG. I subbed kindergarten. Five of them were completely,  and I mean COMPLETELY, out of control. Five. Rolling on the floor, screaming, PEEING ALL OVER THE BATHROOM out of control. I literally didn't even have time to change my tampon till 4:30. Oh yeah, I got my period, which means migraine. Yay. Then I had this crazy idea to take the kids for flu shots. On a Wednesday. That's our busy day. All of our days are busy, but Wednesdays... Here's how it looked after school:

3:50 finally get away from school after waiting twenty minutes for a sister to pick up the last kindergartener (and one of the out of controls of course) and finding out she got sent home for being, you guessed it, also out of control.
3:55 drive as quickly as possible to pick up kids from school who will now be late for piano lessons
4:00 drive home to grab piano bags (can't find Sam's) and health cards
4:05 drop Ben at piano
4:10 pick up Glen from school
4:15 back to kids' school for flu shots that I wanted to get done before piano, which upon reflection, was probably not realistic
4:35 rush home without waiting full fifteen minutes after shots to find Sam's missing piano bag and change my stupid tampon already
4:40 drive as quickly as possible to piano lessons
4:45 exchange Sam for Ben
4:50 drive to McDonald's to pick up food for Hannah and Ben
5:00 drop Glen and Ben at school for their flu shots
5:05 drive back to piano
5:15 exchange Hannah (who ate her McDonald's waiting in piano lesson parking lot) for Sam
5:20 pick up now vaccinated Ben and Glen from school
5:25 home so Glen and Ben can eat, I take a lightning fast bath instead of eating because I feel gross from aforementioned tampon and aforementioned out of control urine covered kindergarteners
5:50 pick up Hannah from piano five minutes late
6:00 pick up boys from home and grab Hannah's swimming stuff
6:10 drop Sam at drama
6:16 quickly get license plate number, name, and phone number from driver of the car that drove through an intersection into the side of our van
6:20 arrive at pool and rush Hannah in to change (Glen takes Ben to youth group)
6:30 watch Hannah's swimming lesson
7:15 shower Hannah at pool and change her into pajamas
7:30 eat cold fries at pool because the thought of making supper at home is just too much
7:40 Glen picks us up at pool
7:50 pick up Sam from drama
8:00 home just in time to quickly feed Hannah the rest of her McDonald's, read with her, and get her in bed by 8:30 and Sam to bed by 9:00 (Glen goes back to youth, he's a helper)
8:45 Glen drops Ben off at home after youth group and takes off again to finish his midterm marks due tomorrow
9:00 call the girl who hit us and get the rest of her info that I was in too much of a hurry to get before
9:15 watch Wentworth in a stupor
10:00 clean kitchen
11:00 realize I need to write a blog post but do NOT have the emotional energy to talk about my depression and anxiety issues
11:01 come up with this lame idea for a post

So, that's why I'm not doing what I said I would. Maybe tomorrow. If I don't get in a traffic accident. Here's hoping!


  1. A month late, but this day deserves some serious hugs!


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