One (Wo)Man's Trash... Is Trash

I had nothing to post till I went on the Yorkton online garage sale site and saw this:

It was posted by my favourite ever online garage saler: Mabel. I think these might be the same exact cups that she had posted five or so years ago, when I first noticed her. The description says, "Collector items...or may be used for regular usage,only 2 on left are waxy type, others all are plastic ones and larger size, only $3 altogether."

Mabel, these are GARBAGE. Throw them out. I want to tell her that if she pays me $3.00 I'll come over and take care of them for her, but I'd probably get in trouble for that. I'm following the post just in case someone else does, because it would fulfill a longing in me that I can't fully explain...


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