This Is The Recital That Never Ends... Yes It Goes On And On My Friends

Tonight was the annual Canadian Showcase piano recital in Yorkton. They bring in a Canadian composer who gives a mini-concert, and then students play and are adjudicated. Sounds fun right? No? Let me tell you, it's even less fun than it sounds. For once, I wasn't even a little mad that Glen kept almost falling asleep and I had to keep poking him awake... everyone was almost falling asleep. I loaned him my kobo to help him stay awake, which was very generous of me, because it meant I had nothing to amuse myself with. (Hannah had my phone.) It was nice to hear the kids play, and the pianist was really talented and nice, but the adjudicating just went on forever.

Sam really enjoyed himself. (Other than the aforementioned endless adjudicating.) He loved the mini-concert, and was super excited to get the music book we bought him signed by the composer. It's actually a really neat book. She wrote it to be like a choose-your-own-adventure. The songs tell a story, and you get the choice at the end of each one where to go next. Sam is pretty excited to play through it, and has warned Ben that he and he alone will get to use the checklist at the back to keep track of his adventures.

Ben was super nervous. I thought he sounded great, and I actually loved the way the adjudicator helped him with his song afterwards... too bad it took two hours of sitting through very little music, and tons and tons of listening to her talk to other kids first. AND the people whose kids were in the first group all got up and left once their kids were done, which seemed unfair since we had to sit through their dumb kids playing and adjudications. I'm still cranky thinking about it. lol. Ugh.


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