Two Things Moderately Clever

Since I posted one meaningful and worthwhile thing yesterday, I feel like today I should be able to take a break. So here are two moderately clever things. They're going to be about TV.

1.) Stranger Things: AH! What a great start to a series! I loved it, and I mean loved it. Maybe not Doctor Who loved it, but it was pretty great. I have trouble seeing how next season can be anywhere near as interesting as this one was, but you can bet I'll be watching. I loved loved Dustin. That kid. Actually, all the kids are amazing actors. And I loved Hopper. When he went rogue and broke into the lab, awesome. And the story, obviously, was amazing. I love science fiction, and puzzling out this story was so fun. Yup. Good show. Too bad it only took a day to burn through it on Netflix.

3.) Speaking of burning through seasons on Netflix. It only took from October 13th to 21st to watch six seasons of The Walking Dead, and now I think about it all the time. I'm pretty worried about Daryl right now. Why can't he just say his name is Neegan? Fake it! And THEN escape! You can lie to Neegan, why do you have to tell the truth? WHY? Daryl. I love him so.

(Tomorrow is three very dull things. I'm pretty excited.)


  1. I'm glad you made it through Stranger Things. I love that show...even though it scares the livin' daylights out of me. I cannot handle suspense.


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