It's election day in the United States. It's kind of terrifying to watch. The thing that I find the scariest isn't the possibility of Trump as president. (Although, that is seriously terrifying.) The thing that really disturbs me is that there are MILLIONS of people just to the south of us who are okay with his brand of hatred. And bullying. And selfishness. It's not just the Donald. It's his followers.

Which makes me think about another leader and His followers. The thing that is beautiful about Jesus shouldn't just be his love. And grace. And sacrifice. (In direct opposition to everything I just said about Trump, you'll notice.) The thing that should be beautiful about Jesus is that His followers exemplify those same qualities.

And, just like that, the world is changed, for better or for worse by one person.

Tonight I'm trying really hard to focus on the One that I follow, and trust that He's got this, no matter the outcome.


  1. Thanks for writing this, Becky. It's so true.


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